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OPEN Computing (Older Persons Electronic Network)

is an NGO (Non Government Organisation) initiative resulting from a computer donation by the Federal Attorney General in 2001. This program has launched the super highway journey of over 1565 seniors since its establisment.

Introductory computer and Internet information and skills practice for seniors, retired people, people with disabilities and community groups.
Having trouble with your computer?
Want to master:-Want to learn about:-
  • Mouse Skills
  • Keyboard Skills
  • Icons
  • Internet Browsing
  • Send and Receive email
  • Downloading Software
  • Word, Excel, Apple Works
  • Family History
  • Making Cards
  • E-Learn
  • Burning CD's & DVD's
  • Scanning Photos
  • Updating your Computer
  • What's inside

Annual Membership Fee
Single:   $ 20
Family:  $ 30
Session (2Hrs.) Fee:  $ 7

Phone: 6343 4928

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